To Remember Tomorrow

by Öde



We live in a time when music rarely lasts longer than a moment. I wanted to make an album worth remembering; something To Remember Tomorrow.

To Remember Tomorrow has features from Playboy Dice, Rayna Storm, Shawn K and Mouse Sucks.

Production on the To Remember Tomorrow was handled by Drum Fu, Will Whitney (of @vhssafari), Shawn K and KSXLE.


released August 5, 2016

Executive Produced by Odelle "Öde" George-Perreira
Art Direction by Odelle "Öde" George-Perreira
Mastering by Odelle "Öde" George-Perreira at Sandbox Studios, Arverne, NY




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Öde New York, New York

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Track Name: Don't Wake Up [prod. by Shawn K]
Big bills, I ain't never like change
Sine when I was lil so.. everything's the same
Never popped a pill or a bottle of champagne
But I've popped a pop or two and I've showered off my shame
We are not the same, We're a rainbow of colors
We're the head negus in charge
we're some bad motherfuckers..
Two L's make a square, It's been years of work
When them L's disappeared, it apparently worked
And apparently parents pair up to square up and say fuck it
Fucking it up for the young ones but since I got O.D. hoes
(you can't tell me nothin')
Dead broke with O.D. clothes
(you can't tell me nothin')
I been doin' O.D. shows
(you can't tell me nothin')
Y'all been stealing Ode flows
Lem'me tell you something
Capa Ode, swagged out
pull the rag out, wipe me down
Braggin' bout how I just do it in them Nike's now
Write it out, Sour face, All over your private place
Place me in your anus and I ain't talking bout outter space
Powder down her outter
in her inner, in between to prevent excess of cream
round the man of your dreams
or just...


Always on the scene, I can't tell you nothing
If I said it wasn't me you seen, you'd know I was bluffing
Capa Ode jump clean for a ragamuffin
Give you sweet dreams
wanna piece or something?
Bite me...
What's the next line again? ....

I know y'all been.. patiently waitin'
I been hopping' from.. feature to feature, now the feature presentation/